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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation

Immigration Law

Immigration Law

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The Nunez Law Firm was founded on the philosophy of helping those facing difficult, often complex, legal situations. We empower our clients through justice, offer first-class legal representation, and go above and beyond to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients. If you need legal assistance, our team of Phoenix trial attorneys can help.

Whether you are dealing with the aftermath of a serious injury, a criminal matter, immigration issues, or need help with a workers’ compensation claim, we are ready to stand by your side and fight for the best possible outcome.

Strategic Legal Support When You Need

From the moment you engage our Phoenix trial attorneys, we will begin work on crafting a legal solution that is tailor-made for your unique situation. We understand how difficult these times can be. Call us today to find out how we can help.

"You guys are truly the best for going above and beyond for your clients! Thank you again for everything you guys did for me!" Diana C.
“Thank you for restoring my dignity by your kindness, special care, and attention to my case.” Y. A.
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Case Results

Empowering our clients through justice – Our Phoenix trial lawyers engage and educate our clients about their rights; meticulously research their cases and develop the best legal and non-legal strategies; and stand in solidarity with them throughout our representation, from start to finish.

Nuñez Law Firm Cases
Charge 7 counts of Armed Robbery class 2 dangerous felonies, 7 separate victims punishable. Minimum 91 years in ADOC.
Result 1 charge 4 Years supervised probation with restitution, 6 charges dismissed.
Nuñez Law Firm Cases
Charge 6 charges total with 3 separate Aggravated DUI charges. All class 4 felonies. Minimum 8.25 years in ADOC.
Result 2 charges of Aggravated DUI, 4 months ADOC, 3 years supervised probation. Mandatory State required fines and surcharges. 4 remaining charges dismissed.
Nuñez Law Firm Cases
Charge 3 charges of Possession of Narcotic drugs for sale, 2 charges Possession of Methamphetamine for sale, 6 charges of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.
Result 2 charges Class 6 Felony supervised probation. Mandatory State required fines and surcharges. 9 charges dismissed.
Nuñez Law Firm Cases
Charge 4 charges of Child Abuse, Class 2 and class 3 felonies. Minimum 10 years in ADOC.
Result 1 charge class 6 open felony with supervised probation for 5 years, to be reduced to misdemeanor after probation finished successfully. 3 charges dismissed.

Criminal Defense

Everybody deserves the right to a skilled and aggressive defense when they are facing criminal charges. At the Nunez Law Firm, our Phoenix criminal defense attorneys are ready to defend clients who are facing a range of types of allegations, including offenses related to alcohol, federal criminal charges, firearms charges, theft, drug-related charges, homicide, juvenile crimes, and more.

We have the resources necessary to conduct a thorough investigation into the charges against you and to put up a vigorous defense on your behalf. We think you deserve the peace of mind knowing that somebody has your back.

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law is designed to give accident victims justice and compensation for injuries that were caused by the careless or negligent actions of another person. Those who are responsible for your injuries should be held liable for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

At the Nunez Law Firm, our certified personal injury attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to fight your case. No case is too complex for us. We handle a range of personal injury cases, including vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, and more. Our team has recovered over $30 million in compensation for our clients through favorable settlements or verdicts.


At the Nunez Law Firm, we take a different approach to handling immigration matters and treat your situation with the compassion and solidarity that you deserve. If you think that the immigration system is no longer working for you, we are here to help.

Our compassionate, knowledgeable, and experienced immigration lawyers will take the time to counsel you and explain this process to you. We will investigate the issues that you are facing and develop a strategy moving forward to help ensure your rights are upheld and that we reach the most favorable outcome possible. We are ready to help you with issues of deportation, waivers, visas, and other immigration needs.

Workers’ Compensation

The workers’ compensation system was created to protect employees when they sustain an on-the-job injury or illness. Regardless of what your insurance carrier or employer may tell you, you deserve to be compensated for a workplace injury.

At the Nunez Law Firm, our qualified workers’ compensation attorneys understand this system, and we know the tactics that insurance carriers and employers use to keep you from receiving your benefits. Let us explain this process to you in a way that makes sense, help you with the paperwork, and negotiate on your behalf for the medical benefits and lost compensation you deserve.

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Josh Nuñez “From the moment you engage our law firm, we promise you trust, solidarity, and justice.”

At Nunez Law Firm, we offer you a team of principled, intelligent legal strategists who focus on immigration, workers’ compensation, and personal injury law. What makes us different is that we will counsel you with a human approach that focuses on honesty, compassion, and principled aggressiveness.