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What are the Advantages of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer?

Posted on June 22, 2016 in

When it comes to hiring an attorney, we understand your doubt. Lawyers don’t exactly have the most encouraging reputations (we’ve heard the lawyer jokes!) and the cost is often a big factor for those with legal troubles. If you have immigration issues, you may also have additional concerns about exposing your immigration status and being turned into the INS or other authorities.

Your fears and worries about hiring an immigration lawyer are understandable, yes. But the reality is that failing to seek legal counsel can cause irreparable and devastating harm while the advantages of hiring an immigration lawyer are substantial and well worth your time and money.

See, what most people don’t take into consideration is how much it will cost you if you don’t hire a qualified attorney. Here, we’ll go over one of the paramount hazards of facing your legal troubles without qualified counsel, as well as highlight the many benefits of speaking to Nuñez & Associates; immigration attorneys in Phoenix, AZ.

If you Represent Yourself, You’ll be Held to the Same Standard as an Attorney

Let that sink in for a moment.

The legal system gives no mercy, and plays no favorites, for those who choose to take legal matters into their own hands. Known as ‘pro se,’ parties who represent themselves during legal matters are expected to represent themselves with the same level of professionalism and knowledge that a qualified attorney would.

This means that you’ll be expected to:

  • Know and understand the laws,
  • Be able to accurately apply them to your situation,
  • Navigate the complexities and many layers of the immigration system,
  • Correctly complete the applicable immigration forms,
  • Effectively gather evidence and present it with a credible approach,
  • And more

Even the most well-researched, and well-intentioned migrants are unlikely to be able to meet these high standards. The system is simply too complicated and its personnel too overburdened to have enough time or patience to walk you through it.

And making a mistake in the immigration system could cost you everything.

An Immigration Attorney Can Protect You

To address your fears that hiring an immigration attorney might bring your migrant status to the forefront, the truth couldn’t be more different!

When you hire an immigration attorney, such as those at Nunez & Associates, you gain a partner and full representative. That means that we’ll handle all of the communication between you and the immigration authorities until such time as your presence is absolutely required. Your address and whereabouts can often be protected, as well, because all postal communications will come through our office.

In addition, if you face a hearing, interview, or another direct and unavoidable contact with the immigration authorities, our immigration team will coach and guide you throughout the entirety of the process. You’ll never be blindsided by a question you weren’t prepared for and you’ll always know how to truthfully respond to inquiries in the most effective and convincing of ways.

Finally, our immigration professionals have a thorough knowledge of the system and therefore know exactly what the authorities can and cannot do to you. Pro se migrants can be taken advantage of when they don’t understand their rights. When you hire us, we’ll ensure that you know exactly what your rights are, help you enforce them, and protect you from any unfair actions. We’ll give your case the utmost care and attention throughout the entirety of your immigration proceedings, no matter what the situation.

Having a Professional Attorney Will Help You Save Money

While hiring an attorney does cost money, not hiring one can be a disaster – especially when it comes to immigration law. Failing to effectively navigate the system can be costly in terms of fines, bail, and extra filing fees to re-file forms that weren’t completed correctly the first time.

And those are just the financial costs. Some of the most devastating things that can happen from a failed attempt to navigate the immigration system are a denial of a visa, removal, or deportation– sometimes this occurs without the option of reapplying to enter the country legally. These kinds of results can be far more devastating than any financial effects.

With an attorney, you’ll be paying a small price to avoid extra fees and fines or removal from the country. Plus, at Nuñez Law Firm, PLLC, our immigration team will work with you on the attorney fees to help ease the burden for you and your family. We can usually set up payment plans or allow you to pay over time.

You’re More Likely to Get the Outcome You Want

In addition to the protection and peace of mind, you’re also more likely to get the outcome you’re looking for.

It’s not unheard of for family members of migrants to call or enter our office desperately asking for help because a loved one attempted to navigate the immigration system on their own, with negative, undesirable, and sometimes disastrous results. But when it comes to immigration law, there aren’t always second chances. If you do get one, it might be years down the road. The cost of not having your immigration issues handled correctly the first time goes far beyond financial harm – jobs are lost, businesses are closed and families are separated or destroyed.

Hiring an immigration attorney can greatly reduce the risk of those things happening. We’ve successfully represented hundreds of immigrants and migrant families by listening to their stories, developing effective strategies for moving forward, helping them collect evidence, guiding them through complicated forms, and coaching them through the ever-important interviews and hearings. We have assisted clients in relation to citizenship, visas, deportation, waiver application & other immigration needs.

The bottom line

A well-trained, experienced and compassionate attorney can handle your legal issues with confidence and professionalism, giving you a far better chance of a desirable outcome, helping you save time and money, and protecting you from unfair treatment while we work towards the best solution for your immigration issues with a level of knowledge and professionalism that could never be attained on your own.

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