With years of experience and a strategic approach, our Law Firm strives to make the immigration system work for migrant families and individuals, by providing comprehensive, compassionate and knowledgeable legal representation.

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We engage and educate our clients about their rights; meticulously research their cases and develop the best legal and non-legal strategies; and stand in solidarity with them throughout our representation, from start to finish. Our law office is centrally located in Phoenix, AZ. Call us today or use the contact form above to message us.

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"I am often asked for a referral to a good attorney and my response is Josh. Josh is an awesome attorney who sincerely cares about his clients and his profession. His ethics and integrity is why I have referred clients to him."

― Lydia G.

Immigration laws in the U.S. and Arizona comprise a complex web of bureaus, agencies, rules and regulations. Despite this political red tape, the United States is still the land of opportunity and her doors remain wide open to those who wish to seek a better life here. Get in touch with us at Nuñez & Associates to receive professional legal support.