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Applying for naturalization or citizenship can be a challenging and trying process. At Nuñez & Associates, our qualified immigration attorneys will provide strategic advice and compassionate support, taking the anxiety and stress out of this momentous step in your life. Let help you with:

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Requirements for Citizenship Application

As with any immigration process in the U.S., applying for citizenship is a bit more complicated than simply checking off a few boxes. The list of basic requirements is long and, once met, are followed by a slew of paperwork and a drilling interview before a U.S. representative finally makes their discretionary decision.

Among the basic requirements are:

  • You already have a green card
  • You have not established a primary home in another country
  • You have not spent more than a year at a time outside the U.S.
  • You have “good moral character”
  • And so on

As you see, some of these requirements are black and white while others are clearly on a variable basis.

Every citizenship applicants’ situation is unique but the standards are strict and the stakes are high. One incomplete form, the omission of a critical piece of information, or a lack of proper preparation for the all-important interview can quickly extinguish your hopes for approval.

Nothing is more satisfying than securing your citizenship. Let our immigration attorneys help!