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It is your responsibility to file a timely complaint, seek appropriate medical attention, and accurately follow the rules and deadlines associated with the process. If you take one misstep, you risk waiving or losing your benefits altogether. Your best bet is to hire a workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible. Contact the professionals at Nuñez & Associates today!

Being injured on the job affords you special protection under the law. However, it’s critical to understand that it’s up to you, not your employer, to guarantee that you receive the benefits and protection you’re entitled to.  In fact, many employers will go out of their way to reduce their own liability and fight to have your claim denied.

The attorneys at Nuñez & Associates can;

  • Ease your navigation of the system,
  • Help you make sense of the process,
  • Alleviate the chances of your claim being denied, and
  • Protect you from employers and insurance companies trying to get the upper hand.

Our team is prepared to help you from start to finish with the following cases:

Work-related injuries

Work injuries range from very minor to catastrophic, and can occur from a variety of causes and circumstances. Injuries cover the spectrum and include:

  • Sprains/strains of the neck and back, ankles and other joints
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Burns
  • Lacerations
  • Broken limbs, hands, fingers, face or hip
  • Concussion
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Amputation
  • Internal injuries
  • Repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel
  • Lung damage from toxic fumes or prolonged exposure such as Mesothelioma, cancer, chemical poisoning, occupational asthma

The causes of on-the-job injuries are just as diverse:

  • Lack of rails or protective devices at or around a hazardous site
  • Failure to warn of a hazardous condition
  • Defective tools
  • Fatigue
  • Intoxication or drug impairment
  • Negligence of another contractor or third party
  • Collapse of a scaffold
  • Cave-in of a trench
  • Contact with live electrical wires
  • Explosion
  • Use of substandard materials
  • Lack of safety training
  • Slip and fall
  • Falling objects
  • Failure to use safety harness
  • Constant exposure to toxic chemicals and materials
  • Repetitive motion such as bending, lifting and use of a keyboard

Some industries are more hazardous than others. Of course, working on a crab boat off the coast of Alaska may be the most dangerous but few people engage in this occupation. Construction work employs millions and exposes its workers to a myriad of dangers, from using or being around heavy equipment, working at elevations, being subjected to the elements, falling objects and the constant physical toll. Police officers, firefighters, truckers, electricians, service workers and other professions requiring physical labor are all prone to certain hazards. Office workers who work at a computer for hours per day are subject to carpal tunnel or other repetitive type injuries.

Report your Injury Immediately

All employers in Arizona are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance for any work-related injuries to employees.  If you sustained an injury at work or have a condition caused by a circumstance at work, it’s important that you immediately notify your employer.

If you were injured on the job or in the course and scope of your job, you must report your injury as soon as possible to your employer so that the workers’ compensation insurer can be notified. Then, you or your attorney must file a claim with the Industrial Commission of Arizona.

Seek immediate medical attention and be sure to indicate to the physician that it was work-related. Inform your physician of all your symptoms and attend all medical appointments and treatments. Cooperate fully with a claims investigator and insurance adjuster regarding the circumstances of your accident.

If you sustain medical expenses and lose time from work, you are entitled to certain benefits. To get a fuller understanding of your rights under workers’ compensation and to see if further compensation may be available in a third party claim, seek counsel from an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. Our office can help handle all of your needs regarding workers’ compensation. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation so that we may assist you in completing your workers’ compensation claim.