Disputes over scheduled injuries, unfortunately, are all-to-common. It’s not unusual for insurance companies and physicians to work for the benefit of your employer, often neglecting your needs and rights altogether in order to reduce liability for your employer.

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Permanent Partial Disability

Work-related injuries designated as permanent partial disability (PPD) are classified under Arizona law as either scheduled or unscheduled. Under A.R.S. § 23-1044, scheduled injuries are permanent injuries and are categorized into different types of injuries. Under a “Schedule of Impairments,” the injured worker receives a set, or scheduled, amount of compensation based on several factors. Payments are for a fixed period of time and are not indefinite or for the life of the injured worker.

The Schedule of Impairments refers to specific areas of the body: eyes, legs, arms, hands and fingers. If your physician has determined that you suffered a work-related injury affecting any of these body parts and that the injury is permanent, you may be entitled to receive a certain amount of compensation. The compensation depends on the nature of the injury or the body part, the degree or percentage of permanency that the doctor assigned, and the number of months designated to the injury.

For example, a partial loss of use of any of these body parts means that you may be entitled to 50% of your monthly wage. If you lose total use of a body part, then you may be entitled to receive 55% of your monthly wage. If you are unable to return to your usual occupation, you may receive 75%.

More serious permanent injuries are paid via a classification known as permanent impairment rating.

Permanent facial scarring and loss of permanent teeth are additional compensable injuries. Once your physician opines that the scarring is permanent, the amount you may be compensated depends on the extent or appearance of the scarring. For either permanent scarring or loss of permanent teeth, you may be entitled to 55% of your average monthly wage for no more than 18 months.

Disputes regarding scheduled injuries generally involve whether the injured worker has sustained a total or partial loss of a body part, or the percentage of disability assigned by the doctor.

For any work injury, contacting your employer as soon as practicable will help ensure the credibility of the injury, though you do have one year in which to file a claim. If you have been injured on the job and think you may be entitled to workers’ compensation, it’s important that you contact our attorneys xxas soon as possible.

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