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Permanent injuries classified into scheduled and unscheduled injuries.

Scheduled injuries refer to those sustained to an eye, arm, hand, finger, foot or leg. Unscheduled injuries pertain to injuries of the back, neck, shoulder, hip or an occupational illness. If you have more than one scheduled injury, it is treated as unscheduled.

Worker’s Compensation for Unscheduled (Permanent) Injuries

Unscheduled injuries refer to those permanent injuries that are not subject to a set or scheduled amount in compensation. An unscheduled injury is one that does not refer to the eyes, feet, legs, hands and fingers or those injuries found in A.R.S. § 23-1044. These types of injuries refer to the shoulder, neck, back, head, hip or any combination of scheduled injuries, as well as occupational illnesses.

Because of the nature and permanence of unscheduled injuries, lengthy and heated disputes are all too common. Insurance companies and employers don’t want to be responsible for extended workers’ compensation payments and will do their best to dismiss the magnitude of your injuries. When this happens, only a qualified attorney can protect you and your future interests.

We know exactly how to deal with insurance companies and employers who are trying to avoid making payments that you need and deserve. We’ll assemble the most persuasive and professional team of attorneys, physicians and expert witnesses to establish the extent of your injuries and validity of your claim.

Worker’s Compensation for Scheduled (Permanent) Injuries

Under A.R.S. § 23-1044, scheduled injuries are permanent injuries and are categorized into different types of injuries. Under a “Schedule of Impairments,” the injured worker receives a set, or scheduled, amount of compensation based on several factors. Payments are for a fixed period of time and are not indefinite or for the life of the injured worker. The Schedule of Impairments refers to specific areas of the body: eyes, legs, arms, hands and fingers.

Disputes over scheduled injuries, unfortunately, are all-to-common. It’s not unusual for insurance companies and physicians to work for the benefit of your employer, often neglecting your needs and rights altogether in order to reduce liability for your employer.

If you were injured on the job and believe this injustice is happening to you, contact our workers’ compensation attorneys before any more damage can be done. We’ll defend your rights and get your claim back on track.